Dr. Igal German

Founding Director, IBAA & Yesod Bible Center, USA

Dr. Igal German is professor of Old Testament studies and a Messianic Jewish apologist (Ph.D., University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto; B.A., M.A., University of Haifa, Israel). 

Dr. German has taught in theological institutions both in Canada and the United States, including Wycliffe College, Moody Theological Seminary, and North Park University. His expertise includes the following areas: the Old Testament, the New Testament in its Jewish context, Biblical and Modern Hebrew, the history of biblical interpretation, and counter-cult apologetics. Igal published the monograph The Fall Reconsidered: A Literary Synthesis of the Primeval Sin Narratives against the Backdrop of the History of Exegesis with Wipf & Stock (2016). Igal is passionate about communicating the full spectrum of biblical scholarship to his students.

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