By Dr. Igal German

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  1. Steve Hamburg says:

    I just watched your video on the Sons of God.
    It was a very compelling teaching, however I disagree with the conclusions.
    My belief is that in Genesis 6 the text is talking about men, humans. The thought of angels must be inferred.
    My reasoning, and my complaint to the teacher, comes from the texts he chose Not to read in the New Testament where Sons of God are Specifically mentioned.
    There we see they are men. Men to be looked up to, respected, a status we should hope to attain. Yah gave power to them because of their righteousness. To be like them would be to be considered harmless and blameless. Read the book of John 1-12, Romans 8-14, & 19, Philippians 2-15, 1st John 3-1 & 2. Here are six explicit verses where Paul and John speak against the teachers three inferences.
    These two opposing ideas cannot be ignored. And the Bible is Not a book with clear contradictions yet Paul and John are putting forth very clear contradictions to the idea that the Sons of God in Genesis are anything other than men of renown.
    As to the book of Job that is in my opinion poetic imagery with references to the pillars of the earth, and the stars singing.
    There the Sons of God did present themselves before God (Yehovah), but I believe the inference is that it is in prayer, united prayer in Job 2-1, and HaSatan was among them, in his spirit to disturb their unified prayers as it (HaSatan) does to us today.
    This is poetic language, not to be taken as literal events of angels standing around Yah while the angel lucifer walks among them.
    I believe the text in Genesis 6 tells us these men saw the women, all were human, and went into them, and oh by the way, there were giants in the land in those days, when the Sons of God were doing such, and afterwards also.
    All the references to the Sons of God there, and in the New Testament are referring to humans. Any other idea must be inserted. Which I understand many believe.
    Such is life.

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