Evangelist-apologist, pastor-teacher, counsellor. Christian poet and prose writer.

Michael took a course in Church history, Reformation history, and Old and New Testament introductions at Hope of Israel Reformed College. He studied at the King of Kings Theological College and took courses in bibliology and pneumatology at Campus Crusade.

«The merit of the Reformation is that it made the Bible accessible and understandable for everyone. But Christianity has not escaped controversy in its reasoning over the biblical texts. Disagreements over biblical interpretation was observed even in the early apostolic church.

Disagreements take root, build up walls, and transform into denominations. The latter plunge into controversy that weakens the influence of evangelical churches against the background of the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to unity. Heresies and cults are attacking the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on a wide front, distorting the teaching of Christ. How to separate heresy from delusion? On what basis should unity be built? How to protect the church from heresies and build a dialogue against the background of differences of opinion? How to build a dialogue between messianic communities and evangelical churches? These issues are still awaiting solution.

Seeing clear theological deviations in messianic congregations and in evangelical churches and their impact on churches, I began writing books on evangelism and apologetics. I toured the United States with sermons and interviews. I toured the United States with sermons and interviews. I gathered a group of like-minded people to create the International Apologetic Declaration. I fully supported Igal German’s idea of creating an International Biblical Apologetics Association. IBAA has taken on the most important mission of educating end-time Christians and protecting sound doctrine».

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