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Michael Karpovetzki

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Love never fails

Michael Karpovetzki - Love never fails

You will find a lot of interesting and instructive insights in this exciting story. It has joy and sorrow, adventure, and war, and a lot of humor. It refects characteristics of Jewish national culture, the geography of Israel, and even politics.

But the most important idea in this book is the story of life, penetrated by love, which descends from heaven and flls a life with true meaning. Only love makes life invariably beautiful, the spirit strong, and the heart strong. Only with love can all trials be overcome. Only in love is the source of wisdom, strength and inspiring beauty, because God is Love.

Successful Fishing!

Michael Karpovetzki - Successful Fishing!

Everyone who is saved becomes a disciple of Christ and is responsible to fulfill the great commission that his Teacher has given to him. Every person who has come to God and tasted of His goodness will bring new souls to Him.

This book is a practical guide for all who bring the Good News to the unsaved. The author shares how to be prepared to share the gospel, what questions to ask people and how to respond to objections.

It is useful both for working in a group and for individual preparation for successful evangelism.

False stereotypes

Michael Karpovetzki - False stereotypes

The purpose of this book is to show that Judaism and Christianity are not two separate, conflicting religions, as they are often presented to us, but one united faith, rooted in the Torah, the Prophets and the Scriptures.

If those in Judaism would accept the Messiah (Christ), and Christianity would come back to its Jewish roots (the teachings of the apostles), then we could consider them as equal.

Jesus is Jehovah

Michael Karpovetzki - Jesus is Jehovah

The purpose of this book is to shed light on the fact that Jesus is not only a historical character or the son of a carpenter from Nazareth; not only a prophet or Messiah, but is also the Son of God – God Jehovah, Who came from Heaven!

This very complicated and touchy subject has birthed many different teachings which have distorted the truth.

The authors rely on the authority of the Holy Scriptures in their studies and examine the evidence of the nature of the Scriptures themselves, the meaning of the name of God, as well as some difficulties in understanding the doc- trine of the Trinity of God.