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IBAA & Yesod Bible Center, Founder. USA

Dr. Igal German holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible from the University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, as well as B.A. and M.A. in Biblical Studies from the University of Haifa, Israel. Dr. German has been teaching the Bible at a variety of academic institutions in Israel, Canada, and the United States. His expertise includes Old Testament studies, Second Temple Judaism, the New Testament, Biblical and Modern Hebrew, history of Israel, history of biblical interpretation, and apologetics.

Igal is actively involved in teaching, preaching, counseling, and apologetics ministries. His monograph has been published under the title The Fall Reconsidered: A Literary Synthesis of the Primeval Sin Narratives against the Backdrop of the History of Exegesis (Wipf & Stock, 2016). Igal is passionate about communicating to his students the full spectrum of biblical scholarship.

“In these days of spiritual apathy and growing apostasy among believers, the Lord has called me to create an international apologetics ministry. Our mission is to proclaim God’s truth around the world, to create and disseminate resources to effectively defend biblical doctrine among individuals and churches. I am convinced that Bible believing Christians should unite as one army of the Living God to destroy the works of the devil and save deceived and lost souls.”



IBAA, Founder. Israel

Evangelist-apologist, pastor-teacher, counsellor. Christian poet and prose writer.

Michael took a course in Church history, Reformation history, and Old and New Testament introductions at Hope of Israel Reformed College. He studied at the King of Kings Theological College and took courses in bibliology and pneumatology at Campus Crusade.

“The merit of the Reformation is that it made the Bible accessible and understandable for everyone. But Christianity has not escaped controversy in its reasoning over the biblical texts. Disagreements over biblical interpretation was observed even in the early apostolic church.

Disagreements take root, build up walls, and transform into denominations. The latter plunge into controversy that weakens the influence of evangelical churches against the background of the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to unity. Heresies and cults are attacking the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on a wide front, distorting the teaching of Christ. How to separate heresy from delusion? On what basis should unity be built? How to protect the church from heresies and build a dialogue against the background of differences of opinion? How to build a dialogue between messianic communities and evangelical churches? These issues are still awaiting solution.

Seeing clear theological deviations in messianic congregations and in evangelical churches and their impact on churches, I began writing books on evangelism and apologetics. I toured the United States with sermons and interviews. I gathered a group of like-minded people to create the International Apologetic Declaration. I fully supported Igal German’s idea of creating an International Biblical Apologetics Association. IBAA has taken on the most important mission of educating end-time Christians and protecting sound doctrine.”



Web Resource Developer MBAA, media ministry. Moldova

Preacher of the Church of Evangelical Christians Baptists (IUC ECB). The graduator of full-time and correspondence biblical courses.

“We imperceptibly entered the last period of the life of the church, called Laodicean in the Bible. Modern Christianity, more than ever, needs to reconsider its relationship with God.

The Jews passed on the Gospel to the Gentiles. Over the past 20 centuries, the Word of God has been preserved, preached and heard in many parts of the world. The state of Israel, revived by the grace, love and faithfulness of God, exists now for more than 70 years. This means that one of the tasks of the Church today is to return the Gospel to the Jewish people and reveal to them its Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ.”



Biblical creationist, apologist, author and translator. Poland

Former theistic evolutionist. Founder of a ministry called «Biblical Apologetics» (bibleap.com) in Russian language, dedicated to defense of the first chapters of Genesis from compromise, sceptics and scoffers attacks, which we are warned about in 2 Peter 3:3-6. Author of online-handbook on apologetics and many articles on the topics of biblical creation and evolution. Preacher of the Church of Evangelical Christians Baptists (IUC ECB).

«Looking at the history written in the Old Testament, we can see that many times the Israelites mixed pagan beliefs with the Word of God. Nowadays, the Church does the same thing. It mixes materialistic ideas regarding the old Universe and/or evolution, which are a part of the religion of Humanism. Such acceptance defiles Christ teaching, bringing in confusion, compromise and division in churches; introduces false teachings, which distorts God’s character and destroys biblical authority. The problem is worsened by the entrance of worldly ideas in the body of believers, especially among young people, thus making Christians unable to divide between Christ’s and worldliness, plowing the soil for all kinds of seductions and types of liberal teaching.

We have to stand firmly and uncompromisingly in the gap and not allow the Devil to destroy church from the inside via compromise in such fundamental issues as 6 days of creation and give coherent responses to sceptics, calling them to repentance and reconciliations with Christ!»